Lash Extensions

(At this time, Shrewsbury Location Only)

Using the highest quality of eyelash extensions and products, combined with our years of experience, we provide the best professional lash services in the Shrewsbury & Worcester areas. By having your lashes done at Thomas Rothwell Spa you can trust that you are in good hands. We are certified from highly reputable programs and understand the importance of proper application, sanitation and continue to keep up with the latest standards in the industry.

All Thomas Rothwell lash guests must receive a full set consultation (10-12 lashes per eye) prior to receiving a full set to ensure that no reaction occurs. The Full set consultation amount will then be applied to the cost of the full set amount IF booked within a week.

Lash Extension Services

Full Set Consultation - 30 minutes | $50

All new Thomas Rothwell Spa lash guests must start with a full set consultation which includes 10-12 lashes per eye.

(Will be applied towards the cost of the full set - If a full set is not booked, this service will be non-refundable)

Traditional Full Set - 2.5 hours | $225

Traditional lashes are applied 1:1 meaning one synthetic lash per one natural lash. Traditional lash sets are an estimated 60-100 lashes per eye but varies based on your natural lashes and eye shape/size.

Hybrid Full Set - 2.5 hours | $250

Hybrid lashes are an equal combination of classic & volume lashes which creates a more customizable result.

Volume Full Set - 3 hours | $275

Volume lashes are 2-5 lightweight synthetic lashes per one natural lash which creates a more “full” and voluminous result. Volume lash sets are an estimated 200-300 lashes per eye but varies based on your natural lashes and eye shape/size.

Mega Full Set - 3 hours | $300

Mega Volume lashes are super lightweight synthetic lashes that allows up to 15 synthetic lashes to be fanned and applied to one natural lash, ensuring your fullest, darkest result all while keeping your natural lashes strong and healthy.

After your lash extensions you should maintain with fills every 2-3 weeks depending on how quickly your lashes shed.

Fill Services

  • Traditional Fill - 75 minutes | $85
  • Mini Volume Fill - 60 minutes | $90
  • Hybrid Fill - 75 minutes | $95
  • Volume Fill - 90 minutes | $100
  • Mega Volume Fill - 90 minutes | $110
  • Lash Extension Removal - 30 minutes | $30

Please Note the Following:

  • Thomas Rothwell Spa does not work on other lash artists work as we cannot guarantee the condition and safety of their application or products. If you currently are wearing lash extensions from another provider, we will safely remove them to prevent damage to your natural lashes and apply the full set of your choice. Please contact Thomas Rothwell Spa in advance to notify them of this at the time you book your appointment.
  • Some guests naturally shed lashes faster and may need refills at different intervals. If you are shedding a higher volume of lashes than you feel is normal, please contact Thomas Rothwell Spa to ensure your products and behaviors such as eye rubbing, face cleansing, etc. are not contributing to a more expedited lash shed.

During Your Lash Extension Appointment:

  • Please do not chew gum, candy, or mints during the application (beforehand is fine). Facial movements impact the very delicate and detailed application and make the process more difficult for your lash stylist.
  • As much as we enjoy getting to know you, we ask that you remain quiet during your appointment. It’s a wonderful time to lay back, relax, and enjoy some peace while we apply your lash extensions. Feel free to bring earbuds to listen to music during your appointment.

Aftercare Instructions:

  • For a minimum of 24 hours post application, refrain from exposing your face directly to water, steam, heat, or friction. This helps the adhesive cure and creates a stronger and longer lasting bond.
  • It’s best to sleep on your back with lash extensions as it prevents you from unknowingly rubbing your lashes against the pillow while you sleep which can cause them to shed quickly.
  • Avoid using any skin care or cosmetic products that contain oil, specifically eye creams and oil based makeup removers. If you would like product recommendations please ask your lash stylist.

Additional Notes:

  • All instructions will be further discussed before your appointment to ensure complete understanding.
  • After reviewing pre and post care instructions if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Thomas Rothwell Spa